To increase your chances of quickly selling your used or new cars on today’s internet, you should learn the techniques of how to take pictures of cars for sale.

As many Pakistanis sold their car on different online platforms. You can also do it with good skills in Photography.

An image is worth a thousand words when it comes to selling your car, whether you’re using the internet or a newspaper’s classified ads to do it.

More people will notice and be interested in listings that include photos of the vehicle for sale.

How do you take professional pictures of things for sale?

If you want your photos to look professional, there are several guidelines you should stick to.

Total frame coverage.

The subject of your image should fill the frame to its maximum extent. 

Make use of a slight angle rather than a straight-on technique.

 Present the item in its correct form. 

Acquire a great deal of photo proof

Keep an eye on what’s happening in the background

You should not switch to portrait or HDR mode. 

Do not take any pictures at night, ever.

How to take pictures of cars for sale

  • Wash your car first.
  • Take pictures with your best cameras.
  • Take a picture during the day instead of at night.
  • Always keep the shadow of the car in mind.
  • Keep in mind what colour the car is.
  • To take good photos, you need to check out where you are.
  • Click the picture from all angles.
  • Don’t change the original photos of your car.

Best place to photograph a car

Best place to photograph a car

When photographing cars, especially black ones, open areas are preferable because of the reduced likelihood of reflections.

It’s thrilling to shoot at other vehicles, but be sensible. Parks are a better option than public streets for this type of thing.

If you’re not shooting an off-road vehicle, make sure the road surface is appropriate for the car and not a green field.

Best time to take car photos

The most popular times of day for the majority of outdoor photography are during the “golden hours” of sunrise and sunset

The sun is low in the sky at these times, and air particles allow warm light to pass through while reflecting visible light.


Shoot or snap images of your vehicle from as many angles as you can to provide the buyer the most detailed impression of the vehicle. 

Take pictures of the car’s front, back, sides, and all four states. Don’t forget to mention the engine.


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